About Us

In 1993, Charles M. "Chuck" Chappell formed Chappell Real Estate, Inc. to serve home buyers, sellers and renters in the Prince George, VA area. Starting in those early days, Chappell focused on foundation and structure of the vital, modern company that focuses on tenant care that you will experience today.

Adding to his cache of experience and means to offer his property managers and tenants the best environment possible, Chappell expanded to start Chappell Construction LLC to lend a hand to the quality of the building process itself.

Chappell Real Estate, Inc., Chappell's primary company, takes pride in its status as a member of the Local, State and National Board of Realtors and remains an active member of the Central Virginia MLS (Multiple Listing Service) allowing us to offer even more services and amenities to our clients, whether property managers or tenants in our units.

We are deeply connected to the communities that we serve and feel that we have built a trust with our neighbors in the business community. We carefully choose our sales force and other members of our staff to reflect our commitment to remaining a positive force in the community by serving our clients. We strive to maintain a strong sense of integrity by offering the best living circumstances the best we possibly can for tenants and the most support we can give to our property management team.